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Sandy Parker

Author | Speaker | Creative Spark!

Sandy Parker is a speaker, coach, and workshop leaders with Creative Activation Institute.

Referred to by some as “Sparky” or “Sparkercan,”    Sandy Parker is a real human with imperfections and struggles.  But you would never guess it.  She isn’t afraid to “go there”, talk about what matters and “call out” what will make THE difference.  Some other fun things to know: 

  • Walks around with a big can of “CAN DO IT!”
    (Ask her to show you the can!) 
  • She actually knows Peggy Sue and used to give tours of Buddy Holly’s fame with her. 
  • Wanted to be Maria in the Sound of Music
  • Made her own wedding dress
  • Wrote a Hay House book for children
  • Designed a national line of jewelry for boutiques


Don’t ask the world what it needs. Ask yourself what you need to come alive and go do that! Because what the world really needs is a few more people who have come alive! Howard Thurman

See Ordinary Things in a New Way

If you don’t see things in a new way, you will not have new results. 
That’s why I love to speak to groups, facilitate trainings and provide breakout sessions and cohort programs. 
:: Who do you want to impact? I’d love to wow your group. 
:: Watch what happens in a multi-week creativity development program
:: High level coaching is an added element to our program successes
:: We have a 97% completion rate for cohort classes.  Online courses range from 5% to 44% on average. 

A Recurring Pattern

Executive Magician and Marketing Guru

I seem to have a recurring pattern.  People have me train their staff.  What they find is they too become inspired!  So I have ongoing long-term assignments with C-Suite Executives and Team Leaders where I make a difference on an going basis. Here are some of the things I provide: 
:: Interview and edit video for their most dynamic presentation
:: Create launch and implementation plans for growth areas
:: Manage their websites, contacts, relationship and team development and basic training to put systems in place  

Other Cool Stuff

Our Families

I have three grown daughters, son in laws, 4 grandkids and love my animals: 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Meaningful Contribution

I am a Participation Partner with the Wisdom Division of Landmark Worldwide. Formerly an Introduction Leader and Coach, this work provides lifegiving enrichment to me and those I have the joy of serving.

Coffee, Beer & Music

I love good coffee, good beer and great music. I have a background in music, am a performer myself. I also had the most wonderful time as a side-kick with Tommy Allsup in a syndicated radio program featuring Bob Wills music.

Book a 15 Minute Adventure Call

We Can Do So Much In A Short 15 Minute Adventure Call!  Let’s Create Some Magic!  You Can Reach Me By Text, By Phone, Or You Can Click On The Calendar Button Below To Schedule An Appointment.

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